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The Best Classroom Ever

The teacher is the best

Jennifer Klaudt

February 18, 2007


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Students working on labs.

    Our classroom is a great learning environment. Mrs. Bundy is our teacher and the room number is 310. She works hard to get us ready for 7th grade next year.

    Just a couple weeks ago someone joined us from College of Saint Mary in Omaha. Her name is Mrs. Lewin and she is our student teacher. She has only taught a couple of classes so far but soon she will be teaching most of the classes under Mrs. Bundy's supervision.

    Some of the fun things that we do in class are stars, bubble gum wrappers, and incentive parties. We have this chart and when we get 100 stars we earn an incentive party. An incentive party is where you get to play a game outside, inside, or in the gym and you get to bring snacks. We can earn stars by getting compliments from someone, helping some hit a goal, hitting your own goal, getting good reports by substitutes or special classes, keeping our room and the school clean, and much more good stuff like that. Every time we read a book and do a book share we get paper bubble gum wrappers to put on our wall in our classroom. If we get all around the room we get a party for the whole day and we get to have a pizza snack. This is Mrs. Bundy's fourth year teaching sixth grade in Ashland and our class has already read more than any of her other classes.  It has been our goal since the beginning of the year to get clear around the room and we are dedicated to get it done. (Keep reading sixth graders)  All sixth graders can participate in the all sixth grade incentive party by always being prepared for our outside classes which are science, social studies, and health. Which means we have to have our assignment notebook, the supplies we need, and the assignment done every day for class.    

    If we are not responsible and naughty we get stuck. We got stuck before and it's not fun because being stuck means just that, we are stuck in our seats and we cannot get out of our seats or talk without permission.  

    In science we do labs.  We use the scientific method to test a hypothesis that is related to the unit we are doing.  We just finished the electricity labs and some of the questions we tested the hypothesis for were:  What is a conductor and an insulator?  Will an electrical charge change with the size of battery and the length of wire?  What are three ways to charge an object?  How does static electricity affect water, balloons, and bubbles?  What is the difference between a series circuit and a parallel circuit?  Will electricity run through tap water?   We all enjoy when it is lab time.

Students checking to see if the hypothesis was correct.

    In reading we do literature circles.  We read novels and use the reading strategies to help us remember what we read.  Everyone has a job that they have to have ready for their literature circle.  The jobs are literature summarizer, literature connector, discussion director, vocabulary enricher, plot mapper, literary critic, illustrator, and literary luminator.  We also have questions to answer and writing projects that we fill out in our literature notebook.  Mrs. Bundy says we always needs to think about our reading because it will not only make us better reader but it will also make us better writers.  

    That pretty much sums up what we do in our classroom. It is very educational and fun. 


The Best Classroom Ever

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