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Nurses Corner January 2015

Some thoughts on E-Cigarettes

Nurse’s Corner                                 Some Thoughts on E-Cigarettes Since the 1964 Surgeon General’s Report first linked smoking to lung cancer and other lung diseases, tobacco use has been a threat to our nation’s youth. Since 1964, 20 million Americans have lost their lives to tobacco, with almost 90% beginning . . . read more Feedback

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D.A.N. Makes Winter Broadcast

Discover Ashland News (D.A.N.) is on the air again! Mrs. Gilbride's 5th grade class has finished their episode of D.A.N. and thier broadcast is now available on Schooltube.com.  See what news from the AGES community they researched, videoed and produced for your enjoyment.  And stayed tuned for Mrs. Anderson's class . . . read more

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Author Jeff Kurrus Visits Elementary

Author Jeffery Kurrus presented a program, Inspiring Young Authors, on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School. Mr. Kurrus, a Nebraska author, worked with students in third, fourth and fifth grade on writing.  He is the editor of NEBRASKAland Magazine, where he works with photos and stories about animals . . . read more

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Welcome to Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools

I would like to welcome you to Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools.  Having been organized in 1866, AGPS is rich in tradition! . . .

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Welcome to Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School

Greetings!  I have had the privilege to serve as principal at Ashland-Greenwood Elementary School for over twenty years and enjoy working . . .

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Igniting Your Passion

Caleb Busenitz, Eli Josoff, Shaun Washburn, and Zach Kramer were all a part of the redesigning process for the Ag shop. One of the biggest . . .

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