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Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools


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Communication to Bluejay Families

Return to School Plan for 2021.2022


Dear Bluejay Family,

This communication includes information about the start of the 2021-2022 school year, specifically the district’s approach to Covid-19 related protocols and procedures.   With the increase in vaccinations, a better understanding of the Coronavirus and a decrease in active cases in the state of Nebraska and the Ashland-Greenwood School District, AGPS will plan to open at full capacity and maintain safety protocols and procedures when possible.  Masks will not be required. 

As we progress through next school year, AGPS will continue to maintain our relationship and stay in constant contact with the Three Rivers Public Health Department, as well as  review recommendations from the Center of Disease Control and the state of Nebraska.  As related to Covid-19, in the event of required, or necessary updates, or changes, the district will communicate those actions as quickly as possible to our families.   

In formulating our approach for next school year, AGPS reviewed recommended health guidelines and has moved to the aspect that the maintenance of Covid-19 is the personal responsibility of our families and staff. With that said, although not required, we would encourage our families to consider being vaccinated and if at any time, your individual students are experiencing symptoms related to Covid-19, please keep your students at home, notify the district, and follow all protocols outlined by the local health department and CDC.  

The chart below represents a draft of the  Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools Return to School Plan.  Please keep in mind that based on recommendations from the CDC and Three Rivers Public Health,  these protocols may change at any time. The district's Return to School Plan is located on the school website at www.agps.org   


DRAFT - AGPS Return to School Plan for 2021.2022

(July 1, 2021)





Participation in academic experiences and activities/athletics will be at full capacity.


Working Collaboratively with Three Rivers Public Health Department


The school district will continue to work closely with The Three Rivers Public Health Department, Nebraska Department of Education, and the NSAA when implementing our Return to School Plan.  Adjustments to this plan will be made based on the current health conditions in our district and through collaboration with the health department.  


Any significant changes to this plan will be communicated with families through email and/or phone calls through our school messaging system.


Masking / Face Coverings 

Masking is not required for outside activities, however, students and staff wishing to engage in masking will be allowed to do so.


For academic experiences and activities scheduled inside the building, masking is recommended by the CDC, but not required.


Keep in mind, the effective use of a mask or face covering entails the covering of the nose and face by the wearer.  Individuals who are not vaccinated should strongly consider the use of a mask or face cover to provide added protection for exposure to Covid - 19. 



Covid-19 vaccinations are not required for students and/or staff to attend school. 


However, keep in mind that individuals can assist AGPS in mitigating Covid-19 outbreaks by getting vaccinated.  AGPS hosted several vaccination clinics for staff and students in the spring of 2021.  Please contact Three Rivers Public Health for information regarding access to vaccinations.  AGPS would be happy to host additional vaccination clinics should Three Rivers Public Health indicate a level of interest has been expressed by members of our community.


As we have learned, an outbreak that affects an entire classroom,  grade level, or our teaching staff, may affect the district’s ability to continue school in our current protocol.


School Absence

As Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools believes that the maintenance of Covid-19 is the personal responsibility of our families and staff,  Covid-19 cases will be treated like the “flu”, or any other communicable disease.  Families should connect with both their building office and classroom teacher in the event of any illness, or missed school.  




Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools acknowledges that some students experienced a loss of learning due to the pandemic and its effect on the academic environment. The district recognizes that students were affected by remote learning in the spring of 2020, as well as absences related to Covid - 19 during the 2020.2021 school year. AGPS will continue to utilize all academic practices in place prior to the pandemic, as well as additional instructional strategies to support student learning. 

 Strategies utilized may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ensuring Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) academic, behavioral, and social emotional processes and guidelines are provided to all students

  • Universal Screener (3-8) - Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) Measures of Academic Performance (MAP) - Reading and Math

  • Universal Screener (K-2) - NWEA MAP Reading Fluency

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math Screener (1-2)

  • Fastbridge aReading and aMath (2-5)

  • mySAEBERS (2-12) - Social/Emotional

  • SAEBERS (K-12 - Social/Emotional 

  • Nebraska Student Centered Assessment System (NSCAS) for grades 3rd-8th

  • Formative and summative classroom assessments

  • Benchmarking of individual student skill levels

  • Implementation and maintenance of newly identified 504 and IEPs as related to Covid - 19.  

Social Distancing

Students and staff should maintain suggested social distancing when possible. 


Good Hygiene

Regular use of hand sanitizer and soap and water, as well as promoting respiratory etiquette (coughing, sneezing into sleeves, etc) will be practiced. 


The district will provide opportunities and encourage good hygiene, etiquette and work to reduce the spread of illness. 


To assist the district, parents should encourage students to maintain good hygiene at all times. 




Students should not share food and/or water. 


Individual water bottles should be utilized by students and staff.




Students engaged in all academic experiences and activities may be cohorted with an individual group if needed.


This action could include academic experiences, lunchtime and all activities. 




To reduce the spread of Covid - 19 and other viruses, the district will engage in continued, increased cleaning practices. 





Busses will be cleaned daily.  


Masking is not required, however, students and staff wishing to wear a mask on the bus may do so.




Cafeteria / Lunch


All cafeteria procedures will resume as normal. 

Wash / Sanitize hands before entering the cafeteria line.  

Cleaning between lunch groups.  

If needed, students will eat lunch with a cohort.  



Extra Curricular Activities


The district will follow all guidelines provided by the NSAA and NDE.




All school visitors need to check in the office before moving throughout the building.


Playground and Outdoor Activities

Normal use of playground equipment will be allowed.  

Outdoor activities will be allowed as normal.


Use of school by Outside Groups

While in the current protocol, the school may be used by outside groups as normal and must follow the district's facility use agreement.


Ventilation and Facility Care

Regular filter changing will continue to take place to assist in providing a clean learning environment for all students and staff.


The district will continue to review opportunities to improve the air flow and ventilation in the school facility.


Attendance at School Activities

Attendance at school activities will be at full capacity.  

Masks are recommended, but not required, but those in attendance wishing to wear a mask or face covering may do so. 

We encourage that spectators sit in family groups to the greatest extent possible. 


Screening for 

Covid - 19 and other Illnesses

Students and/or parents should check for Covid related symptoms and other illnesses at home, prior to arrival at school. 


Parents should should follow all CDC guidelines and keep students at home if any of the following symptoms are experienced: * Fever or chills * Cough * Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing * Fatigue * Muscle or body aches * Headache * New loss of taste or smell * Sore throat * Congestion or runny nose* Nausea or vomiting * Diarrhea


If at school, students exhibiting symptoms related to Covid - 19, or other significant illness, will be screened by health office personnel and may be sent home. 


Social Emotional Approach

In regard to social-emotional mental health and related needs, AGPS Public Schools will continue to provide necessary guidance and support to parents and students to assist in possible trauma resulting from the Pandemic or any other emergencies. Please contact the building counselor for further information. 



Student concerns of nutritional needs will be addressed on an individual student basis.  Please contact the building principal for further information

Exposure and Covid Diagnosis

Individuals diagnosed with, or have been exposed to, Covid-19 should contact AGPS and follow all protocols outlined for recovery by the health department and CDC.


Following current CDC and health department guidelines, contracting , or exposure to Covid-19 could include contact tracing, isolation and possible quarantine.  

The district is seeking input from stakeholders within our school district regarding the district’s Return to School Plan for 21.22.  Feedback will be used to inform our plan throughout the year.  We will review the plan at least every 6 months and may seek additional feedback in the future as well. In addition to being provided above, the district’s Return to School Plan can be accessed from our website at www. agps.org  

Please consider reviewing the plan and providing your feedback within this brief survey - linked here.  (The survey link for our Return to School Plan is also posted on our website at Return to School Survey).

Thank you,


Jason Libal

Ashland-Greenwood Superintendent

Communication to Bluejay Families

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